The preferred method of making payments to school is by ParentPay. This is a safe and secure site used by schools and is accessible by clicking on the following link. You will need a username and password initially which is provided by the school office. Once the account has been activated, parents are prompted to change their password and are then able to view their account, their payment history and make payment by credit/debit card.


The advantages are:

  • Once a payment is made, confirmation emails are sent immediately to the parent and to the school.
  • Payment can be made when convenient to parents and not only when the school is open
  • The responsibility of handing in payment to the school office is taken away from the student, and parents can be assured payment has reached its destination and has not remained in the bottom of bags etc.
  • Consent can also be given on-line and a notes box is available for parents to communicate any important information.
  • Paying on line removes unnecessary paperwork and speeds up the school banking process, removing the need to manually pay in cash/cheques at the bank and manually enter all cash/cheque payments on the school computer system.

The school has received very positive feedback from parents who have used the facility and we would strongly recommend all parents to try and activate your account in the near future in preparation for any future trips/sales.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the school office if you have any problems or need password reminders.