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Lavington School

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Lavington School has a successful Local Governing Body made up of individuals who represent a broad spectrum of occupations and experience, bringing an invaluable contribution to the leadership of the school.

Their names, the offices they hold, and their business interests can be found below.

The governors serve a four-year term of office and play an important part in the strategic management of the school.

The Governing Body is vital to our success:

  • Governors make important decisions about school life
  • Governors’ decisions directly affect the education and well-being of children
  • Governors can really make a difference in improving standards throughout the school

They play an important part in improving our children’s education and supporting the staff here at the school. Caring about the school and its community is a pre-requisite to joining the governing body, and we are always looking to harness any skills and knowledge governors may have to benefit the strategic operation of the school and ultimately the education of our children.

Governors act as a team and, as such, the amount of time that each of them gives to the role will vary. We have six Governing Body meetings a year, one each term.  In addition, there is a Standards committee which also meets six times a year.

The Governing Body comprises parents and community representatives who support the directors of Equa Multi Academy Trust and the Head of School by adding local context and challenge to ensure the school delivers an excellent standard of education.  The functions it carries out are delegated to it by the Trust Board of the Trust through the Scheme of Delegation and the governing body are accountable to the Trust Board.

If you have any questions for the Governing Body these can be addressed to the Chair of Governors, Heidi Browne at h.browne@lavington.wilts.sch.uk or in writing to the school.

Local Governing Body

Name Category Date of expiry of office
Heidi Browne (Chair) Parent Governor 1st December 2023
Clare Frater (Vice Chair) Parent Governor 9th May 2025
Ralph Plummer Head of School Ex officio
Andrew Hitchcock Parent Governor 1st December 2023
Dan Davies Appointed by Governing Body 25th April 2026
Clare Nethercott Staff Governor 27th March 2026
Kevin McGuinness Parent Governor 18th July 2025
Neil Harris Parent Governor 18th July 2025
Shaun Cooper Parent Governor 6th July 2026
Roger Hayward Parent Governor 6th July 2026

Register of Business Interests 2021-2022

Attendance for 2021-22

Name of Governor Possible attendance Actual attendance
Heidi Bowne (Chair) 5 6
Clare Frater (Vice Chair) 5 6
Andrew Hitchcock 6 6
Ralph Plummer (Head) 6 6
Neil Harris 6 6
Dan Davies 5 6
Kevin McGuinness 0 6
Shaun Cooper 1 1
Natasha Ingram - resigned with effect from 29th March 2022 4 4
Philip Salaman - resigned with effect from 1st March 2022 2 3
Morgan Davies (Staff) - resigned with effect from 21st January 2022. 2 2
Michael Rees - resigned with effect from 2nd February 2022 0 3

 Link Governor Roles

SEND Heidi Browne/Clare Frater
Safeguarding Heidi Browne
Health & Safety Andrew Hitchcock
6th Form Dan Davies
Teaching & Learning/Curriculum Andrew Hitchcock
PSHE/SMSC Clare Frater
Careers Neil Harris
Policies/Website compliance Dan Davies

Meeting dates for 2022-23

  • 28th September 2022
  • 7th December 2022
  • 25th January 2023
  • 29th March 2023
  • 17th May 2023
  • 19th July 2023