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Lavington School

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If you would like to contact a member of staff, then the most effective way is by email.  If you know the staff name then you can create the email by taking the first letter of the first name followed by a full stop and the surname.  For example: Mr T Jones would be t.jones@lavington.wilts.sch.uk

Staff for Academic Year 2021/22

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Ralph Plummer

Head of School

Mr Dan Dean

Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Standards)

Mr Simon Down

Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour, Attitudes & Attendance)

Mrs Zoe Telford

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Ben Taylor

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Lindsey Wallace

School Business Manager


English Department

Miss Hayley Syrett

Head of Department

Miss Shannon O’Connor-Churchill

Second in Department

Miss Lucy Dobson


Mrs Hannah Russell


Mrs Charlotte Burrows


Ms Stephanie Harris


Mr Sam Browning


Mr Lawrence Taylor



Maths Department

Mr Oliver Quantrill

Head of Department

Mrs Jill Vick

Second in Department

Miss Lilly Paget

Pastoral Leader for Year 11

Miss Victoria Jones


Miss Jessica Jones


Mrs Catherine Hamilton


Mrs Hazel Crocker


Mrs Clare Nethercott



Science Department

Mrs Louise Ellis

Head of Department

Mr Dan Dean


Mrs Zoe Telford


Mrs Gail Maddison

Pastoral Leader for KS5

Mrs Donna Thomas


Mrs Kylie Quattruci


Mrs Rebecca Bowman


Miss Leigh Thacker


Mrs Lyndsey Chamberlain



Modern Foreign Languages Department

Mrs Amy Coates

Subject Leader

Mrs Catherine Williamson

Deputy Subject Leader

Mrs Patsy Quayle Fox


Mrs Louise Arias-Adams




Mr Mark Bartlett

Subject Leader: History

Ms Naomi Alford

Subject Leader : Geography

Mrs Jane Wedge

Subject Leader : PSHE

Mrs Jo Gutteridge

Subject Leader : RE

Miss Beth Preddy

Pastoral Leader – Year 10

Miss Alison Silto

Pastoral Leader – Year 7

Mrs Natalie Davies


Miss Emily Lovelock


Mr Simon Hodgson



Design and Technology

Mrs Hermione Best

Subject Leader : Art and Photography

Mrs Rachel Roberts

Subject Leader : Food

Mrs Diane Bray

Subject Leader : Graphics, Pastoral Leader – Year 9

Mr Nick Heal

Subject Leader : DT

Mr Charlie Bond


Miss Lucie Rutty


Mr Bruce McFarlane


Miss Eva Grainger




Miss Louise Bennett

Head of Department

Mr Ali Lund

Pastoral Leader – Year 9

Mr Chris Ferris


Miss Emily Storey


Mr Ben Starr

Sports Assistant


Deputy SENCO / Child Development

Miss Toria Thomas



Mr Matt Edmunds

Head of Department: IT and Business

Mr Ed Hodges



Performing Arts

Miss Lucy Burgess

Head of Department: Performing Arts

Mrs Gemma Brown


Mrs Melissa Love


Mrs Jane Silva

Subject Leader: Music


Non-Teaching Staff 2021/22


Finance and Admin

Mrs Lindsey Wallace

Finance & Business Manager

Miss Anna Matthews

Operations Manager

Mrs Yvonne Norton

Admin Officer

Mrs Rachael Gichia

Admin Assistant

Mrs Sam Rance

Admin Assistant

Mrs Jo Gyllenspetz

Admin Assistant

Mrs Kerry Whittle

Admin Assistant

Mrs Esin Rawlinson

Admin Assistant

Miss Rhiannon Wood

Data Administrator

Mrs Carol Woollands




Miss Isabella Grzegorzek

Exams Officer



Mrs Elaine Brough




Mr Liam Pearce

Cover Supervisor



Mr Emerson Smith

Maintenance and Cleaning Manager

Mr Trevor Feltham

Facilities Assistant

Mr Lee Clark

Grounds and Maintenance Assistant

Mr Ben Hiscock

Premises Assistant

Mrs Aimi Sainsbury


Ms Karen Hayden


Mrs Barbara Maxwell


Mrs Kate Stevens


Mrs Jenny Nicholls


Mrs Kerry-Jayne Gurke


Mr Barry Whiting


Ms Kerry Thompson


Miss Isla Stevens


Miss Claire Hayden




Mrs Amy Sanday

Head Chef

Ms Jackie Rycroft


Mrs Tanya Ireland


Mrs Jade Ireland


Mrs Helen Smith




Mrs Vicky Hadfield

Mrs Brenda Morris

Mrs Linda Read


Pastoral Support

Mrs Linda Read

Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs Vicky Lanegan

Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs Polly Doyle

Pastoral Support Manager


SEND Admin Assistant

Ms Carla Howse


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sally Rosenegk

Inclusion Manager

Mrs Sophie Marsh


Mrs Mel Nejad


Mrs Marta Markham


Mrs Ami Swanborough


Ms Carla Howse


Mrs Brenda Morris


Mrs Catherine Conway


Mrs Christine Hancock


Mrs Teresa Steele


Miss Olivia Sadd


Mrs Natasha Ingram

Reset Teaching Assistant

Ms Sam Russell




Mrs Lorraine Sheehan

Science Technician

Mrs Amy Biddulph

Science Technician

Mrs Jackie Hamblin

Art & Food Technician

Mr Nathan Hamblin

DT Technician