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Catch Up Funding

To support schools in reopening following lockdown the government provided additional funding to be used in catch up provision.  At Lavington school we have used this funding to help pay for tutoring, resources and additional costs incurred as a result of catching pupils up with learning lost during lockdown.  We have taken the decision to use this funding to support pupils who since returning to school demonstrate significant gaps in their learning and for those who are struggling to catch up both pastorally and academically.  If you would like any further information about how we are using catch up funding please contact the school.  Additionally if you are worried that your child is struggling since returning to school please contact your child’s tutor so we can ensure they are properly supported.  Please see the plan for how Catch up Funding was used in 2020-21 below.  

The school is now in receipt of a Recovery Fund which at Lavington is being used to support reading programmes for pupils who have joined Year 7 with low reading ages providing small group tutoring initially following the sight reading principle.  Funding is also supporting the provision of homework clubs for pupils who have struggled to develop the independent skills required as well as disadvantaged pupils who benefit from more structured support with homework where they can work in a positive environment with Lavington staff.  Additionally there is structured provision and support for current year 11 pupils with GCSE Maths for pupils who struggled to access the curriculum and content through remote learning, these sessions run in the mornings (before and during tutor time) and are facilitated by a Maths specialist. 

School led tuition funding is being deployed to support small group tuition of year 8 students in English and Maths and Year 11 students from term 3 onwards.

Lavington Catch up Plans 2020-2021

Lavington Catch Up Review 2020-2021