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Home Learning

All students are expected to work at home, and parents are asked to ensure their child completes the required home learning since it forms an integral part of the learning experience.

Home learning can involve different sorts of activities. You might be asked to:

  • research a topic and find new information.
  • complete a task which gives you the opportunity to practise skills you learnt in your lesson
  • present your learning in a different form
  • learn or rehearse new ideas or words
  • revise for a test.

Your teacher will make sure that you understand any home learning tasks but, if you are unsure about a task, always ask your teacher for help. You might be given:

  • a shorter task which will be due to be handed in fairly quickly.
  • a longer task or project which you will need to work on for several weeks. These will often be broken up into a number of smaller tasks, but you will need to be organised so that you meet the final deadline. 

Simply visit https://lavington.showmyhomework.co.uk/ to view our school’s live homework calendar and use the filters to view your child’s homework tasks.

  • No login required - Simply go to the school website and click the homework calendar
  • Easy to use - It only takes a couple of clicks to see the homework timetable for your child.
  • View anytime - You don’t have to wait until they arrive home, find out if they have homework the moment a teacher sets it.

In addition to this, parents and students will receive a login to their own area, and this will show only your child’s homework without the need for the filters. Your child will be given their login on the first day of term and parents will receive theirs via Parent Portal.
Guide to attending lessons via Microsoft Teams