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Lavington School

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The music department aims to develop students’ confidence, stimulate their musical interest and engagement in the subject. In music lessons, we highlight the importance of respect and resilience during our activities and provide regular opportunities for students to develop their musical skills, time management skills, the ability to work independently and as part of a team. Students’ cultural awareness is developed continuously through the exploration of a wide range of different musical styles and experiences. All music lessons are catered to the specific needs of our pupils and curriculum planning is carefully considered across the different areas of teacher specialism.

Studies in Music are not only about developing performance, composition and appraising and analysis skills. Music lessons also develop important life skills and enriching students’ cultural capital and preparing students for their futures - whatever area of study or work they choose to pursue.

The school has a number of peripatetic teachers offering lessons on a range of instruments.  Please see the booklet below for further details.

Music Lessons