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Lavington School

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Emergency Closure


If school closure is unavoidable, we will inform parents by text, email, social media and via the website at the earliest available opportunity. The three main radio stations will also be alerted (BBC Wiltshire, Heart and Spire FM).

Decisions must be taken by 7am and it is important that parents understand that although conditions may improve later in the day, our decisions must be made early to ensure the correct communication and safety procedures can be followed.

In the event of students or a year group needing to be sent home during the school day, parents will be contacted, and no child will be allowed to leave the school site without parental permission. If we are unable to contact parents or parents are unable to collect their child, students will be fully supervised until the end of the school day.

Who to Contact?

If the decision is made to close, you will be notified by the school’s agreed notification procedure. Should you need to contact the school directly, please be aware that the line(s) may be busy or unavailable when a large number of parents are calling at the same time. 

We will endeavour to update the school website, and where possible will send communications (where the facility exists) directly to parents. You can also check these websites for more information:

BBC Radio Wiltshire

Greatest Hits Radio (Salisbury)