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Anti Bullying

Lavington school is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment that has a respect & kindness at the heart of the community culture. We are committed to ensuring there is an inclusive environment for all members of our school. It is important to ensure that the ethos of anti-bullying is embedded in day-to-day practices that are understood by all. The message that bullying is never acceptable is always prevalent and continuously and consistently reinforced.

To support anti-bullying, we are undertaking a 360 review during the academic year 2022/23 using the Anti-Bullying-Alliance platform. This involves a student survey in Term 2, a whole school review producing relevant actions to be considered, followed by a further student survey in Term 6 to review progress made. We are pleased to announce that one of our parent governors, Morag Fricker, has taken the role of oversight for Anti-Bullying.

From a student perspective, we have a strong tradition of anti-bullying ambassadors, following the Princess Diana Award programme. We are currently running our 2nd cohort of students through the training. A recent project for the AB Ambassadors, has been to create a student led ‘AB Space’. This is an opportunity for students to call in and discuss any concerns they have, in a safe and open space.

Please see attached, wider links for support with anti-bullying queries, alongside the Anti-Bullying Policy.

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