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Lavington School

EQUA Trust

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team is led by Mr Simon Down (Deputy Headteacher)

The team consists of:

  • five pastoral leaders (one for each year group)
  • three pastoral support managers
  • tutors

Pastoral Leaders

Year 7: Mr Jake Packer j.packer@lavington.wilts.sch.uk

Year 8: Mrs Rachel Roberts r.roberts@lavington.wilts.sch.uk and Mrs Gemma Brown g.brown@lavington.wilts.sch.uk 

Year 9: Miss Ali Silto a.silto@lavington.wilts.sch.uk

Year 10: Mr Ali Lund a.lund@lavington.wilts.sch.uk 

Year 11: Mr Nigel Copeman n.copeman@lavington.wilts.sch.uk   

Years 12 & 13: Mrs Gail Maddison g.maddison@lavington.wilts.sch.uk

Pastoral Leaders work closely with their team of tutors to ensure students are supported with their well-being and more general aspects of their learning. Pastoral Leaders monitor the well-being of their year groups as well as the behaviour, progress and learning of their students.

Details of how we deliver Pastoral, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) are available on the Curriculum area of the school website.

Pastoral Support Managers 

We have a team of pastoral support. They are:

Mrs Polly Doyle p.doyle@lavington.wilts.sch.uk

Mrs Vicky Lanegan v.lanegan@lavington.wilts.sch.uk 

Mrs Linda Read l.read@lavington.wilts.sch.uk 

Miss Rosie Caiger r.caiger@lavington.wilts.sch.uk

Our Pastoral Support Managers support students who may need more support with their emotional, medical or mental health needs. The pastoral support managers are available to support both short- and long-term needs and to liaise with parents and other staff about how best to support a young person. The team also works very closely with the Special Educational Needs to ensure that support strategies are consistent.


Tutors see their tutor group every morning and are best placed to support students with general needs. They should be the first point of contact if you have a concern. Tutors will also be involved in mentoring some students in their tutor group if they are struggling with some aspects of school life such as organisation and homework.


Free online parenting courses are available for parents of teenagers who are struggling or who need advice – these are free via New College Swindon.