At Lavington School we believe that regular attendance and punctuality are crucial to the educational success, personal well-being and safety of our students. The school aims to work closely with parents, students and the Educational Welfare Service to ensure that attendance procedures are robust and that all parties fulfil their legal responsibilities with regards to attendance.

If parents require any advice or help with attendance issues, they should contact their child’s Pastoral Leader for support.

Please see the Attendance Policy for more details

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There are 18 governors on the Lavington School Board, made up of 10 ‘governors’, 5 ‘parent governors’ and 3 ‘staff governors’ (including the headteacher). Governors are appointed by the members of the Lavington School Acadmy Trust, parent governors are elected by parents of current students and staff governors are elected by school staff, except the headteacher who is ex-officio. Vacancies and details of elections are placed in the school newsletter. There is a link to the list of current governors below.

As Lavington School is an academy, these governors are also trustees. The full governing body usually meets six times per year, and there is a link to the minutes of these meetings below.  A large part of this meeting is used to discuss the work carried out by the governor committees. 

There are 5 committees, each aligned to the responsibilities of a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who attends the meeting.  Three or four governors sit on each committee, utilising their individual experience and skills.

The committee are:

  • Leadership and Management – responsible for recruiting staff, reviewing pay and performance, human resources and developing leadership.
  • Achievement and Standards – responsible for evaluating exam performance, assessment and target setting for students, curriculum and timetabling.
  • Personal Development – responsible for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC), the achievement and welfare of students with special educational needs (SEN) and entitled to pupil premium, child protection, behaviour and safety.
  • Teaching and Learning – responsible for the quality of teaching and learning, the induction and professional development of staff, initial teacher training in the school and curriculum development.
  • Business Management – responsible for financial planning and management, site and resource management, health and safety and school administration.

Governance is a strength of the school as recognised by Ofsted inspectors.  “Governors use their skills and expertise to work with senior and middle leaders, thus achieving a breadth and depth to the leadership of the school.  Through the work of committees, and by using their excellent understanding about how to use information about students, governors are rigorous in holding the school to account for improving standards of achievement, the quality of teaching and the impact of middle leaders.  They have an in-depth understanding of the school’s finances.”    

If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see the newsletter.

If you would like to address any concerns directly with Mr Morse, Chair of Governors, please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


pdf iconGoverning Body membership, attendance and pecuniary interests - 2018/2019

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Governors' minutes - October 2018

Governors' minutes - July 2018

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Governors' minutes - January 2018

Governors' minutes -December 2017

Governors' minutes - October 2017 2017

Governors' minutes - July 2017

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Governors' minutes - March 2017

Governors' minutes - January 2017

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Governors' minutes - October 2016

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At Lavington School we pride ourselves on providing a secure, stable and well-ordered environment, based on high educational standards, together with genuine care and concern for individuals.  We work with all students, whatever their ability, to help them achieve their potential.  Our aim is for students to leave Lavington School as confident young people, ready to take on new challenges, and have a lifelong love of learning.  Lavington students will have resilience, resourcefulness and the wisdom to treat others with respect and courtesy; this forms the foundation of our ethos.

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All students are expected to work at home, and parents are asked to ensure their child completes the required home learning since it forms an integral part of the learning experience.

Home learning can involve different sorts of activities. You might be asked to:

  • research a topic and find new information.
  • complete a task which gives you the opportunity to practise skills you learnt in your lesson
  • present your learning in a different form
  • learn or rehearse new ideas or words
  • revise for a test.

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Our vision

Aim, Aspire, Achieve

Lavington: Learning for Life

Lavington School; where students are happy, healthy and safe and achieve more than they thought possible, at school and beyond.

At Lavington School we pride ourselves on providing a secure, stable and well-ordered environment based on high educational standards and genuine care and concern for individuals. We work with all students, whatever their ability, to help them achieve their potential.  We aim for students to leave Lavington School as aspirational, confident young people, ready to take on new challenges and have a lifelong love of learning.  Our students will have resilience and resourcefulness and the wisdom to treat others with respect and courtesy, and this forms the foundation of our ethos.


We ensure our students have the knowledge and confidence to make positive, safe and aspirational decisions about their lives whilst at school and for their futures.


We ensure that our students are active and independent learners, who strive to achieve their best in every learning situation, and will continue to do so throughout their lives.


We ensure that students are highly literate and numerate, able to apply their skills and knowledge to new and different situations, to achieve well in school and beyond.


We ensure that students fulfil their potential, and are fully prepared and qualified to leave school and move onto the next stage of their lives.

We are proud of our achievements at Lavington School, but there is always more we can do. By working together, we can shape a positive and successful future for our young people.

We are immensely proud of all of our students and their achievements through their time with us. We place a strong emphasis on the holistic development of each child as a valued individual.  We provide a positive, challenging and exciting learning environment in which children flourish.  Academic achievement is high, but there is much more to life at Lavington School. We are well known for our successes in sports and outdoor pursuits as well as excelling in art, technology, music and drama. Many students are involved in charitable work and community projects both within school and the wider community.

Our Values

At the heart of this success are the core values that the whole school community believe are important:

•           Excellent teaching by experienced, specialist teachers

•           Individual care through an excellent pastoral system

•           High levels of achievement through a challenging academic curriculum chosen to give students the best life chances

•           Innovation in all aspects of education

•           Traditional values of behaviour, appearance and conduct

•           Developing personal leadership through a wide programme of extra-curricular activities.

At Lavington, we believe that every member of staff contributes to the development of your son or daughter. Whatever their role, we expect all staff to support your child, challenge them to excel and celebrate their achievements. It is only through close partnership between students, their families and school staff that we can make your child’s dreams a reality.


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If you would like to complete the application on line, please open the document in "Word" format This will take several  minutes.

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