pdf iconStudent dress code for September 2016 - uniform and PE kit

Our new logo has been designed to celebrate and represent our values and ethos as well as our rural location.

The design incudes a red kite soaring over Salisbury Plain. Red kites have been successfully re-introduced to the plain and thus represent values such as aspiration, achievement and tenacity. The lines of the plain are visible on the logo and celebrate the fact that Lavington School is located in a beautiful rural location and is very much part of the local community.

Students felt that it was important to maintain the colour red in the design as it has long been associated with the school.

A new PE kit has been designed using more modern fabrics, and is being introduced in time for the new intake of Year 7 in September 2016.  If the new Year 7 have older siblings in the school and want to wear the kit which has been outgrown, this will be possible.  Existing students can carry on with the current PE kit and do not need to change to the new one until they need a replacement kit.  

The new PE kit is available from Scholars.

Consultation: The period of uniform consultation ran from 21 October - 27 November 2015.

Please see responses below:

pdf iconParent responses to consultation

pdf iconStudent responses to consultation

New school uniform supplier – Scholars

Ideally, we would have liked to have offered parents two alternative suppliers of school uniform.  We spoke to several different suppliers in order to compare prices and quality, and found that each of them would only offer their most competitive price if acting as the sole supplier in the first years.  Any supplier has to make such a big initial purchase of stock, which clearly has a limited market,  that no company can risk investment of this level without being certain of sales.  The high quantity of sales means they can also offer us their best price.  Therefore had we pursued having two suppliers, the effect would have been to increase the selling prices from both companies.

We have chosen Scholars as we believe they demonstrated best value for money in terms of price and quality. An added bonus is that they have a local shop in Devizes.