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Results day: Thursday 24 August 2017

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GCSE Results 

The results for 2016 are fabulous, many congratulations to all of our students who have worked so hard, which has led to great success.

77% of students gained GCSEs including maths and their best English, which we are delighted with.

The number of A or A* grades has increased to 31%, which shows how well our able students have done.

Our top performing student gained 12A* grades with A^ in further maths, with many others gaining over 5A* grades.

Progress in English and maths was high with 83% of students making 3 or more levels of progress in English and 85% of students making 3 or more levels of progress in maths.

We are very proud of our students here at Lavington and of the strong team of staff teaching and supporting the students so well, together students, parents and staff have achieved great things.  Well done to all.

Year 11 revision evening 2016

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