GCSE Results 

At Lavington School we are delighted that our year 11 pupils have achieved excellent results. 79 per cent of all students achieved standard passes in English and maths, and 60 per cent achieved strong passes in English and maths.  86 per cent of our total grades were 4-9, with an exceptional 85 grades at the highest level of 9.  34 per cent of all our grades were 7 or above.  We are very proud of all our students who have worked so hard to exceed their expectations.

Amongst our highest performing young people were Dan Hunt (10 top grades, 1 8, 1 L2D) James Rutt (10 top grades, 1 8, 1 7) Jack Pike (10 top grades , 1 L2D) Dermot Henry (3 top grades, 7 8s, 2 7s) Sam Hart (2 top grades, 2 As, 8 8s, 1 7) Charlotte Bogart (5 top grades, 5 8s, 2 7s) Olivia Rosenegk (5 top grades, 5 8s, 2 7s) Nicky Pike (7 top grades, 3 8s, 1 7) and Roan Vickerman (5 top grades, 5 8s, 1 7).

These positive results will provide an excellent start for all those students joining Devizes school sixth form, based at Lavington School as this successful partnership moves into its second year


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KS4 success evening Year 10 September 2019

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