Year 10 GCSE drama went to see The Woman in Black on April 12th 2016.


It was a great day, with impeccable behaviour from all our students. We arrived at the Aldwych at 11am and were greeted by our London Theatre Tours Guide and workshop leader. He was a professional  actor who had previously played the part of Sammy in the West End production of Blood Brothers.

The workshop was in the Fortune Theatre and gave our students the opportunity to get onto the stage itself and explore how tension is created by the use of the set and within the script itself.

There were some unexpected moments of doors flying open on the set, when students  least expected!

We then attended the matinee performance of "The Woman in Black." From the first eerie arrival of the ghost, who walked through the audience, to the final terrifying climax of the play, the audience literally screamed! It was definitely a play of "haunting and evil, fear and confusion, horror and tragedy."

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