Chris Wallace, Year 10 has completed sponsored walk and cycle ride coast-to coast along Hadrian’s Wall to raise funds for his trip to Tanzania.

Chris has written a few words about the challenge. 

'In August my family and I camped at Haltwhistle (allegedly the town at centre of Britain!) and we began the challenge of a 103-mile sponsored walk and cycle ride coast-to coast along Hadrian’s Wall to raise funds for my trip to Tanzania next year.

It was a tough challenge with some steep ascents and descents but the scenery was stunning and the sight of the East Coast coming into view twenty miles from the end was exhilarating.

We stopped at a few Roman Army museums en route which brought the whole area, Hadrian’s Wall and Northumberland’s history to life. We enjoyed spotting the unoriginally named places along the way like Wallend, Wall’s end, Wall, Walton, Walltown and there were quaint refreshment-boxes dotted along the way where you popped your money into an honesty box, took your snack and walked on.  

In total I have raised £900 in sponsorship from my very generous friends and family – thank you so much.

Day 1: Cycle ride from Bowness to Wallend (23 miles) and then walk from Wallend to Walton (imaginative town names!) (7 miles) – exhausting but sunny and a good few miles under our belts.

Day 2: Walk from Walton to Greenhead (11 miles up and down river valleys in the rain). We saw our first and tallest remains of Hadrian’s Wall and found a sign to Rome: We were very glad, as we were afraid we were getting lost! Then we went from Greenhead to our campsite, which was called Hadrian’s Wall Campsite (originality strikes again!).

Day 3: I continued on to Housesteads Roman fort (7 miles, but very steep inclines). This included a picturesque spot called ‘Sycamore Gap’ (which didn’t turn out to be quite as idyllic as it sounds as lots of other people were there all thinking the same as us!).

Day 4: The final walking day: 19 miles from Housesteads Fort to Halton Shields. The route was full of watchtower and milecastle remains (the so called milecastles were really just glorified gates placed roughly every few Roman miles).

Day 5: To finish it all; a 36 mile cycle ride from Halton Shields to Hartley Bay. This last day was wonderful, and thankfully downhill pretty much all the way - I don’t think I could have managed much more!

Total: 103 miles 

It was a great holiday and I would really recommend the challenge to anyone who enjoys walking, breath-taking views and history.'

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