Subject Leader: Mrs Hermione Best

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What are we studying?

Students will complete a nineteen week course in Art and Design comprising of one double lesson a week. Throughout their studies in Year 8 students will complete 3 projects that further develop their exploration of ideas and investigation of media and processes, while developing skills in the understanding of the creative proccess within the visual arts.

‘Put it in the Picture’– Composition and space

Students will learn key observational drawing skills from the teaching of composition, space and depth.  We will develop further their understanding of both one and two point perspective, as well as an understanding of how to select an engaging composition. Referencing a range of relevant artist they will apply their learning of formal codes and conventions to create both imaginative and well-designed outcomes.

The way I see it’ – Optical illusion art

Developing on from their work looking at space and composition students are introduced to the abstract work of the Op artists. Looking at a variety of relevant artist they will apply their learning of recording codes and conventions to create a final optical illusion painting.

‘Breaking the Rules’ - What is the process of abstraction

Students will develop a greater understanding of the visual abstraction process referencing the story of abstraction from the late 19th century. Using cubism as an example they will complete a series of drawing exercises that emulates the ideas of the cubists and allows them to take creative risks with ideas and media use.

Practical artistic activities including; drawing from imagination and observation using a range of media, mono printing, painting using poster paints and watercolours, photographic recording using both physical and digital edits.

How are we assessed?

Classwork (practical and theory work) and homework is assessed throughout the course.  Students will be given success criteria and national curriculum level descriptors linked to the work.  Work will be given a level, which enables their progress to be monitored.  The assessments may be carried out in lessons or set as homework. 

How are we grouped?

Students are in mixed ability groups in Art, Design and Technology, and are timetabled for two double lessons a week in this subject area.  The maximum class size is 23. 

What homework are we expected to do?

There will usually be one homework task every other week, which should take around 30- 40 minutes to complete.  All the homework assignments will relate to classwork activities either in the form of design preparation e.g. ideas; observational drawings, planning and research (books and internet) or completing a unit of work by evaluating what has been learnt.  All homework will be available on SMHW. Students will be given an Art Sketchbook to complete both class and homework into; it is their responsibility to follow given guidelines for the presentation of work and to keep their work safe as they transport their classwork and homework to and from school.

What can parents do to help?

  • Encourage your child to discuss what they have learnt each week as they are looking through their Art sketchbook.
  • Provide opportunities for art work at home, to include a space to work and objects to record.
  • Encourage gallery visits. Look out for articles in newspapers or television and discuss them with your child.
  • Useful resources and equipment:
    • A 2B Sketching pencil,
    • A good metal pencil sharpener,
    • A large white rubber
    • A set of colouring pencils.
  • Access to the internet for research tasks

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