Subject Leader: Miss Lucy Burgess

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We are a vibrant, caring, exciting and innovative department where students are challenged, achieve highly and enjoy a wide range of ‘creative’ experiences. Our primary aim for drama is to enable our students to develop their creative minds, become sensitive to the needs of others as well as communicate effectively.

What are we studying?

In Drama at Lavington School, we aim to build confidence, form great relationships and promote excellent teamwork. Students will participate in performance, creating and responding to work they have seen both professionally and in lesson. They have a broad program of study which enhances both their knowledge of drama and dramatic skill and also gives them perspective of the wider world.

Term 1 and Term 2
Gangs and Stage Fighting
Joy Riding

Term 3 adn Term 4
Blood Brothers
The Holocaust

Term 5 and Term 6

Murder Mystery

Teen Problems

How are we assessed?

Each topic lasts for approximately one term. At an appropriate point in the learning, students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of drama is assessed by curriculum levels. This will be compared to their target level to measure progress and performance.

In Year 8, the following skills are developed:

  • Working positively with everyone, contributing thoughtfully to group work, listening and showing good leadership skills
  • Devising thoughtful drama, based on a range of issues and themes
  • Communicating a script with some effectiveness
  • Using a variety of different performance skills with definite confidence and creativity, including stylised drama
  • showing audience awareness by being seen, heard and using space effectively
  • performing convincing characters with confidence and originality, and consistently staying in role
  • using the language of drama with some confidence to discuss their own work and the work of others

How we provide for SEN and Most able students? 

SEN and most able students are catered for in individual lessons based upon need. This may be in the form of placement in group work to enable an appropriate mix of ability that stretches both the lower and higher end of abilities. There is a group work mark as part of assessment that allows students who are less able performers to be recognised for their input. The most able students are challenged by a more demanding role in performance work. All students are supported appropriately by the class teacher. At KS3, there is the Lavington Youth theatre that offers further challenge to al abilities. 

How are we grouped?

Students are always taught in mixed ability classes. During lesson time, students work in pairs, small groups and mixed gender groupings 

What homework are we expected to do?

Drama is a practical subject but students will be asked to complete two home works per topic which might include research for a topic or some preparation for a performance such as learning lines or preparing a plot

What can parents do to help?

Discuss with your child what has happened in their drama lesson and encourage them to complete any homework tasks set. Please provide your child with a soft shoe for Drama, such as a trainer or a plimsoll/Dap in order that they can use the staging in the Drama studio.

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