Subject Leader: Mrs Diane Bray

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What are we studying?

Students will complete a twenty week course in Graphics comprising of one double lesson a week.  The topics covered are; Perspective, which enables students to consolidate and build upon their learning from skills acquired during year 7 and 8. It is studied in more detail, focusing on the representation of potential ideas, so that it is in context. We look at typography and its use within the design cycle, leading to students creating their own unique logo type to represent their new brand. The main project is based upon creating a promotional package and display area which will form part of an exhibition. The focus is centred on computer aided design to enable students to represent their ideas professionally. Students use their understanding of the underlying principles of the use of colour to drive design when they are assembling their ideas. We study potential target markets, market trends and we briefly touch on group dynamics. We research current logos, analysing their successes with reference to how established they are, who their products would appeal to and how we determine success. The students concentrate on creating a brand which is to be targeted at a specific market and they design a promotional area to help them to represent their product. This is undertaken using an Isometric layout at the planning stage and is then transferred to Google Sketch up. The students study the principles of marketing and advertising in order to assist them with decision making.

How are we assessed?

Classwork (practical and theory work) and homework is assessed throughout the Graphics course.  Students will be given success criteria and national curriculum level descriptors linked to the work.  For each practical and/or theory task students will be given a national curriculum level, which enables their progress to be monitored. The assessments may be carried out in lessons or set as homework.  In addition, students complete one complete Design and Make Assessment in the Graphics course, which focuses on elements of the design process. Analysis, research (gathering and using information), product design, development, manufacture and evaluation are areas of the design process that are explored through this assessment towards the end of the course

How are we grouped?

Students are in mixed ability groups in Art, Design and Technology, and are timetabled for two double lessons a week in this subject area.  The maximum class size is 23. 

What homework are we expected to do?

There will usually be one homework task set per fortnight, of which the majority are set in order to consolidate learning from that day’s lesson or for preparation for the following lesson.  The home work tasks should take around 30 minutes to complete.  This will include research activities, work sheets, design and development work or completion of class tasks.  Students will be given a D&T folder to store and transport their classwork and homework to and from school. Students are encouraged read around the subject area to support their understanding and development of subject specific vocabulary.

What can parents do to help?

  • Ask your child to explain the meaning of the subject vocabulary that is new to each module
  • Encourage your child to discuss what they have learnt each week as they are looking through their D&T folder
  • Look out for articles in newspapers or television and discuss them with your child

Useful resources and equipment:

  • Ruler, colouring pencils, HB pencil, rubber, sharpener and compass
  • Computer is useful for research tasks and presentation, but not essential

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