Subject Leader: Mr Matt Edmunds

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What are we studying?

Students will complete up to 6 units of work over the year.

Year 9 is designed to test the abilities of students to apply knowledge and skills in ICT. There is a lot of technical information which builds on their previous years’ experience, and we are looking to see which students may have an interest in extending their ICT work into KS4. From September 2013, there will be a stronger emphasis on the ‘computing’ side of ICT – with exposure to HTML, Java, Python and similar languages/techniques. All the knowledge and skills acquired in years 7 and 8 and 9 ICT will be useful in other subject areas.

Students will be studying:

The Internet, HTML and Website Design

Lavington Music Television: Creating Music Videos

Computers and Computing: an introduction

How are we assessed?

Each topic lasts for 1 six week term or 1 longer term of 12 weeks approximately. Within each short term we have one ‘mid-term’ assessment tasks, and an end of unit assessment task coming at the project conclusion. Assessment can be in the form of knowledge based tests, or a more general assessment of attainment through assessing the product of the project work. Homework may form part of the overall assessment picture. Tasks set on the VLE give each ICT teacher an overview of progress and attainment.

How are we grouped?

Groupings in Year 9 are initially based on the KS2 SATs scores and students are placed into one of 2 bands accordingly to ability; each band having 3 sets. For the whole of Year 9 students will be in the same set for French, ICT and Humanities subjects.

These groups are reviewed and adjusted and anyone clearly mis-placed is moved as soon as possible 

What homework are we expected to do?

Per 6 week term, there are generally 3 key homework tasks that a student will complete. Usually the tasks will be based on the school’s VLE system. Some units of work may require longer preparation and may be in the form of mini-projects completed independently by the students. Tracking, feedback and marking are all controlled on the VLE and can be seen in a student’s ‘Gradebook’ area on each ICT course on the VLE.

What can parents do to help?

A PC at home would be advantageous. There is no requirement for a student to have his or her own computer/laptop/tablet. A broadband connection to the internet would allow easy access to the VLE. All software that we use in class is either free to download at home, or has free equivalents with compatibility.


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