Subject Leader: Miss Lucy Burgess

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What are we studying?

Students will complete 6 units of work.

The topics covered are:

Gamelan – Study of Gamelan music leading to a composition using Sibelius: composition task

Blues – Study of Blues music leading to a performance of your own Blues composition : composition & performance task

Minimalism – Study of Minimalism leading to a composition using Sibelius: composition task

Stand by Me – Performance and arrangement of Stand by Me: performance task

Great Composers – Looking at some of the world’s best classical composers and arranging     Beethoven’s Fur Elise into a modern style of students choice: music technology task

Performer Producer – Students have a choice of either composing, performing or using music technology to produce a popular piece


How are we assessed?

Each topic lasts for one term. At the end of the topic students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of music is assessed by curriculum levels.

This will be compared to their target level to measure progress and performance.

How are we grouped?

Students are always taught in mixed ability classes. During lesson time, students work individually, in pairs, small groups and mixed gender groupings.

What homework are we expected to do?

  • Spellings of key words
  • Understanding the meanings of keywords
  • Listening and appraising task
  • Completion of composition or rehearsing of performance task

What can parents do to help?

Ask your child what has happened in their music lesson and encourage them to complete any homework tasks set.

Encouraging your child to listen to a wide variety of music in general and in particularly to explore the topic/genre studied at home.


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