Contact:  Subject Leader RE: Mrs Jo Gutteridge

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What are we studying?

The aim of RE is to enable pupils to gain a better understanding of the people in the world in which we live in. We start the year with an introduction of philosophical questions such as ‘What is reality?’ and ‘Is there a God?’. We explore Ethical dilemmas and ethical theories in our next unit, with pupils looking at a number of different responses to modern day ethical issues. As part of the Year 9 course we will explore a number of the main beliefs within Islam, and we will also look at the lives and  impact of 2 religious believers - Nicholas Winton and Malala Yousafzai.

In all these units, pupils will get the opportunity to look at different beliefs, evaluate their own ideas and look at the impact for the believer on their life.

How are we assessed?

At the end of each unit pupils will be required to write an extended piece of writing so that we can gauge their understanding for that unit. Criteria will be given beforehand, and pupils will have access to this marking criteria throughout the assessment. Throughout each unit, smaller pieces of work will be produced, with feedback given, to enable the pupil and teacher to check their progress.

How we provide for the SEN and most able pupils?

Differentiation and challenge are incorporated into all lessons.  SEN students will be supported appropriately by the class teacher and teaching assistants.  Group size will be adjusted appropriately to allow more teacher time to support students’ progress.

How are we grouped?

All humanities subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.

What homework are we expected to do?

Homework will be set as appropriate.  It may be a short homework of no more than 30 minutes per 2 – 3 lessons or a homework related to a Key Assessment Task  which will be on-going for 4 – 5 lessons.  Homework arrangements are flexible to reflect the fact that students will only have one lesson per week. 

What can parents do to help?

RE is about gaining a better understanding of the world. Please encourage your child to have an open mind about events and stories from around the world, and please engage them in conversations to discuss the religious and ethical issues that arise. Homework that is set will be relevant to the lesson just completed, or to a topic that will be discussed in a future lesson, so please help your child by encouraging them to do this task to the best of their ability; it will help them make maximum progress in class as a result.

Useful resources and equipment

All students should have the following in all RE lessons: a black pen, a green pen, pencil, ruler and rubber. Pupils will also find it useful to have coloured pencils in some lessons.

The main BBC website and the BBC Bitesize pages have useful resources about many of the topics that we cover.


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