Subject Leader: Miss Lucy Burgess

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What are we studying?

Students will be studying the exciting new OCR specification for GCSE (9–1) Drama. This gives students the opportunity to explore the subject from a range of perspectives by devising their own, original work; by bringing to life the work of a playwright; as theatre reviewers, developing their own thoughts on what makes drama and theatre successful; and as creative artists building and bringing a character to life through exploration and rehearsal. There will also be a visit to the theatre in Year 10.

How are we assessed?

The qualification is made up of three components. 

(60% of qualification)

Component 1: Devising Drama

60 marks

Component 2: Text Performance

60 marks

Students will create a devised performance

in groups.

They will be able to select a starting point from

a range of stimuli provided by the exam board.

Performances will be between 5 and 15 minutes,

depending on the size of the group.

All performances will be supported by a written

Portfolio which is evidence of the students’

devising process and can be made up of a

combination of writing, images, observation notes

and artefacts.


40 marks: For the evidence in the portfolio

20 marks: For the final performance.

Students will study a text chosen by the centre.

Students will take a part in two performances of

two extracts from the text.

They will work in a group no larger than 6

The time range is between 2 and 15 minutes,

depending on the size of the group.

Students will be required to produce an

accompanying concept document which outlines

their intentions for the performance.


20 marks: Interpretation of the text and creating an intention for performance

40 marks: For the demonstration of the chosen theatrical skill in the final performances.


Component 3: Written Exam (40% of qualification)

The exam component will be assessed at the end of the qualification and will be 1 hour and 30 minutes in length. Students will have to complete two compulsory sections

Section A

50 marks

Section B

30 marks

Students will be asked about preparing and

performing a text.

They will draw on the experience of studying a

whole text during the course from a list set by the

exam board.

The questions will focus on the process of creating

and developing a performance, working as a

director, performer and designer, as well as the

performance of a character from the text

This section asks the students to review a

performance they have seen on their course.

They will be primarily assessed on their ability to

analyse and evaluate, but will also be marked on

their accurate use of subject specific terminology.

How are we grouped?

Students are always taught in mixed ability classes. During lesson time, students work in pairs, small groups and mixed gender groupings.

What home learning are we expected to do?

Home learning will be set each week and there will be a mixture of practical and written work. Students will be expected to rehearse and prepare outside lessons, for a practical performance, as well as keep a written record of their drama work which will involve analysis and evaluation.  Students will also be set tasks connected to the written exam.

What can parents do to help?

Discuss with your child what has happened in their drama lesson and encourage them to complete any home learning tasks set. Theatre visits are also a valuable learning tool.