At Lavington School we believe that all students should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We believe equally that not everybody thrives on an identical diet.

Consequently, at Key Stage Three (Years 7, 8 and 9), we offer our students the same subject framework. The detail of what is taught, at what levels and the approach used differs according to the ability and achievement levels of the individual students.

Whatever the subject, the work presented to and demanded of our students is planned so that all can be challenged and supported as required.

What parents can do to help

The most important thing you can do as a parent is simply to take an interest in your child’s work. With this thought in mind this booklet has been produced to give you, as parents, a broad outline of the programmes of study your child will follow in the current school year.

Additionally, in each subject profile you will find a section headed ‘parental contribution’. The purpose of this is to provide positive suggestions of the ways in which you can become more actively involved in your child’s learning.

Sex and Relationship Education is an important part of the PSHE (personal skills and health education)  programme and the Science curriculum.  Parents should inform their child’s tutor if they do not wish them to take part in the Sex and Relationship Education part of the PSHE programme.

If you have any queries concerning the information provided here, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Head of Department.

The importance of personal study time

Critical to success at school is the development of regular and effective personal study habits. Long before students reach the end of Year 9 they should have built up to two hours  of private study, Sunday to Thursday during term time (more for Years 10 and 11). Students should never say "I have no homework" - they always have work to do during their private study that will support their learning. There is a checklist in the student planner to help you support your son or daughter with this. Please encourage your son or daughter to take personal responsibility for their study time and help them to grow into effective, independant learners. All students would benefit from a designated study space at home - this need not be a desk - if space is at a premium perhaps all equipment and books could be stored in a box that can be easily brought out at the beginning of study time, and work completed on any table top that is in a warm and quiet place.