Subject Leader: Mrs Louise Ellis

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What are we studying? 

There are 6 modules which are studied, 2 modules of each Biology, Chemistry & Physics

They cover the following topics

Cells & Reproduction, Environment and Feeding Relationships, Acids, Alkalis &  Chemical Reactions, States of matter & Solutions, Energy Resources, Forces and their Effects.

How are we assessed? 

Each of the six units will have an end of topic test, students will also be assessed on their investigative skills in class

All students will sit an end of year exam covering the concepts covered throughout the year.

How we provide for the SEN and most able pupils?

SEN students will be supported appropriately by class teacher, differentiated materials and teaching assistants in lessons. Group size will be adjusted appropriately to allow more teacher time to support students’ progress.

 All students will have opportunities for extracurricular activities in the form of extracurricular clubs.

Our most able student may be invited to take part in STEM activities outside of normal teaching time. Our Schemes of learning have been designed to differentiate with stretching activities for our most able students

How are we grouped?

Students are placed in sets 1 to 6.

The set allocated at the start of year 7 is based on key stage 2 data.  If it becomes clear that a student is in the wrong set for their ability during the year, this may be adjusted.  Setting will be reviewed at the end of term 3 and the end of the year. At these points students may move a set depending on assessment outcomes. Parents will be informed if this is the case for their child.

What homework are we expected to do? 

There will be one homework task set per week on Show My Homework, this will include learning key spellings, extended writing tasks, practice test questions and revision for class tests using resources.

What can parents do to help? 

Ask your child to explain the meaning of the scientific vocabulary that is new to each module.

Encourage your child to discuss what they have learnt each week as they are looking through their science book

Look out for scientific articles in newspapers and discuss them with your child.

Help your child to revise by asking them questions about each module using your child’s exercise book and the resources on Show My Homework


Further information on levels

pdf iconBiology 

pdf iconPhysics

pdf iconChemistry