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At Lavington School, we believe that the personal development, safety and well-being of our students is of paramount importance, if they are to be happy and successful both as individuals and as members of society.

We aim to instil in our students the importance of personal qualities such as respect, kindness, tolerance and a sense of justice. We also encourage our students to look beyond themselves to their local, national and global communities.

Our students have excellent support from the pastoral team within school. Tutors and pastoral leaders establish a strong supportive relationship, with both students and their parents, throughout their years at Lavington. Pastoral leaders monitor the progress, behaviour and attendance of students, praising success and effort, and arranging appropriate interventions if there are concerns.

If any of our students have more significant emotional, behaviour or medical concerns, they will also be supported by our team of pastoral support managers. Their role is to support students who are having difficulties, in order to help them to be happy and successful in their learning. There will also be times when our staff will work closely with external agencies to support a student’s needs. Examples of such agencies include the Educational Welfare Service, Educational Psychologists, Children’s Social Care, the Police and the Local Safeguarding Board.

At Lavington, we believe strongly in encouraging our students to support each other wherever possible. Our students take on a wide range of positions of responsibility, in order to care for and help other students.  We are extremely proud of the way they do this.

Mr Ralph Plummer - Head of School 


Wiltshire Council’s placement Services team are working to increase public awareness of fostering in order to recruit more foster carers. Please see the poster for more details.

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Pastoral Newsletter - January 2021