Free School Meals are available to students whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits. 

The school pays Wiltshire Council to check entitlements which is generally via a secure government website.  If this isn’t possible for any reason, paper evidence would be required to check eligibility. 

The attached application form has full details, and once completed, may be sent directly to Wiltshire Council.  The Council then confirm to the applicant and the school office regarding a new entitlement. 

Students entitled to Free School Meals then have a daily credit (currently £2.20) for the cost of a school meal.  As our catering system is cashless, Free School Meals students are indistinguishable from other students when collecting their meals.

We would urge you to apply for Free School Meals if you are eligible.  Not only will your child benefit from the meals provision, but in addition, your child will then be eligible for some other benefits to enhance their education.