School Heath Nurse

Our school health nurse is available to see students for drop-in sessions or pre-arranged appointments on Friday lunchtimes. The service is confidential (unless there is a safeguarding issue) and she covers a wide range of issues such as stress and anxiety, weight related concerns, and age related concerns such as periods and contraception.

Parents may also wish to contact the school health nurse and she is available on 01380 732563.

Medical Concerns

The school has several members of staff who are fully trained in first aid. It is a parental responsibility to notify the school if a child has any medical conditions. Please see the Medical Conditions Policy for more detail about how the school will work with parents and students to support a medical condition.

If a child becomes ill in a lesson, they should inform the teacher and, if necessary, will be accompanied to the medical room. During break or lunchtime, they should report to reception. First aiders will assess and provide basic first aid as appropriate and will contact 999 in emergencies.

Student must not contact parents directly.This can lead to misinformation and has led to students leaving the site without school knowing which is a serious safeguarding issue.