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We are pleased to be able to offer a broad range of extra curricular, after-school opportunities for students from all year groups.

We believe that there is more to school than what happens between 8.40am and 3.30pm and that is why we offer something for everybody.

Please note: This web information may be subject to change and should be confirmed with the session leader prior to the event.

pdf iconExtra Curricular PE Programme



The following students have been elected to form the new Student Council for 2015 - 2016

Year 7 James Faulkner and Georgia Brown

Year 8 Nancy Barter and Isaac Blake

Year 9 Freya Reynolds

Year 10 James Bancroft and Jasmine Reader

Year 11 Sam Holloway, Tamar Reavenall-Cashmore and Ted Arnott

Chair - Sam Holloway and Tamar Reavenall-Cashmore

The Council plan several non-uniform day's over the year to raise money for charity and are interested in hearing about any local, less publicised charities which may need support.

Please contact the student council This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ms De Cet/Mrs Dunn if you have any suggestions.

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Year 8 - Lantern Parade

Approximately 30 year 8 students and their families braced the cold, fortunately no rain, to paraded around Devizes town centre displaying their fantastic lantern creations! This year we went for a theme of animals shapes, we had foxes, lots of penguins and a couple of very big seahorses which took pride of place on the night.  Our lanterns were further embellished with black and red designs to reflect the school colours and the school logo, which was produced thanks to the DT department's new laser cutter!

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Year 10 - Christmas Cakes

Year 10 Lavington School Food Technology Christmas Cake Competition Fifty amazing Christmas cakes have been made by our creative Year 10 students as part of their GCSE Food Technology, BTEC Hospitality and BTEC Jamie Oliver Home Cooking courses. Year 10 students have displayed excellent practical skills, producing a wide range of imaginative designs over three double practical lessons.  They have used their skills in design & development; to make and decorate the rich fruit cakes, with a focus on cake making skills, working characteristics of ingredients, shaping, forming and smoothing marzipan and fondant icing layers and the final sugar craft lesson to design, develop and create festive decorations to a high quality using a broad range of modelling skills and technical processes.  Judging takes place early next week and all the cakes are currently on display in the DT department for students, staff and parents to view.

The range of cake designs are fabulous.  Students have shown tremendous attention to detail and finish, each creating a luxury festive cake product that will be enjoyed by their families and friends.  Congratulations Year 10 Food Technologists!

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Graphics - Work of the week!

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Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers 2014

A very big thank you from DT: Food Technology to all staff, parents, friends and families who generously donated 8,000 Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers to school last term.

We are thrilled to let you know that the following items arrived in school last week and are already being used by all students in their food technology classes:

9 Spatulas

24 Baking sheets

8 Kitchen scissors

4 Burger presses

4 Can openers

4 Balance weighing scales

4 Digital weighing scales

4 Measuring spoon kits

2 Garlic press

10 Vegetable peelers

10 Paring knives

The total amount of this order would have costed the school many hundreds of pounds, but the collecting of vouchers has meant it is all FREE.


Thank you.

Year 10 GCSE Food Technology Courses: Boyton Farm Ginger Piggery Trip October 2014

45 year 10 Food Technology students visited Boyton Farm Ginger Piggery during October, as part of the food technology sustainability and work related learning topics, focussing on source, origin, preparation and production of foods in the UK.

The first part of the trip involved a butchery demonstration & sausage making activities, and we had a chance to investigate conditioning, cuts and uses of meat, cooking methods, food preparation and processing methods, plus see the chiller cabinet! The practical sausage making workshop was a real highlight for all. The butchery / sausage making activity was a challenge for a few students but they all showed great respect and understanding to the situation and each other, and we had some really interesting discussions on topical issues such as halal meat, horse meat scandal, food miles, traceability etc whilst making pork sausages!

After a delicious hot lunch of Boyton sausages, mash, farm grown cabbage, onion gravy, followed by steamed sponge pudding with local cream, we were ready for the next activity.

 A tour of the 1000 acre farm (arable, dairy, game and rare breeds pigs, cattle and sheep) in the bumpy tractor trailer around the working farm allowed us to appreciate the diverse nature of farming,  and there were many interesting discussions about soil, climate, different crops and their uses, market value of crops, pest control, organic farming, feeding & breeding, supporting wildlife including deer, badger, birds, insects, native hedgerows, trees, grasses and flowers.  The final part of the tour took us to the herd of Tamworth Pigs and the piglets, which was enjoyed by all.

The year 10 students were great ambassadors for Lavington.  Attentive, polite and worked very hard throughout the day.

Thank you to Mrs Woodman, Ms Perriman, Mrs Hamblin, Mr Glover, Mrs Sheehan and Mr Allen for a great day!





The Drama department were proud to present: Private Peaceful - 7pm on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th February 2015

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