A Stricken Soldier 

All is quiet till the hour reaches zero…

The whistle blows.

It’s sound echoing to and fro across the quiet of the trenches.


The first shot is fired and bullets start flying back and forth

across the vast emptiness of no-man’s land


Patches of red seem bold on the mudded ground.

Bodies appearing seems normal now as the battle continues

through the sun dropping down and the moon rising up.

The wounded to scared to take a stand at the fear of being

shot down again.


If you listen close through the gunfire

you can hear a scream tearing through the noise.

No-one will answer the cry for help while the battle goes on

no-one will notice he is gone until dawn.

They just rest upon a bed of earth till death

Seems welcome to the stricken soldier,

which lay hidden amongst the battle

Written by Thomas Dixon Year 10

On Friday 10 November,   staff and students of Lavington School came together to mark the silence to commemorate the end of WW1 at 11am, which  was the culmination of a morning of activities for Remembrance.

We marked remembrance together as a school which meant changing the shape of the school day with an earlier break time followed by assemblies where students spoke movingly about the reasons why they wear a poppy, sharing family history.  Staff also shared their thoughts which were deeply moving.

Particular thanks to Daisy Cooper, Year 10, who led the Army Cadets and James Rutt, Year 11, who led the Air Cadets, for organising the parade at 11am.

Thank you also to Thalia Reader, Year 10, who played the Last Post for us.

Their contribution really enhanced the act of remembrance.

Lest We Forget

The fallen,

The dead,

The forgiven,

The avenged,



All from the First World War


weeping, Thought seeping,



All from the First World War

A teacher,

A milkman,

A carpenter,

A field not ploughed,

A garden not sown

A lover,

A child,

A baby,

A sister,

A brother,

A cousin,

All lost the First World War.

Dreams smashed,

Thoughts crashed,

Ideas broken,

Aims destroyed,

Proposal missing,

All in the First World War.

Lest We Forget

Written by Sam Hart, Year 10.