We are thrilled to have been selected to take part in this year's National Theatre Connections Project.

Twenty Six selected Year 9 pupils have been working on 'The Changing Room', a play written specifically for the festival, by renowned playwright Chris Bush.

It is a lyrical piece about existing on the cusp of growing up.

'Are we teenagers? Are we children? What are we? It's about bodies in flux and perspectives shifting; knowing change is coming but not what that change will look like.

Set in and around a swimming pool, ‘The Changing Room’ follows a group of teens full of excitement, impatience and uncertainty, each with their own secret worries and desires for what comes next.'

The play will be performed here at school on February 21 at 6pm in the school hall. Tickets are free and the performance will last for one hour. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch what they have been working so hard to create.

We will then be transferring the play to The Egg Theatre in Bath on March 16 at 6pm. Tickets are £5, and are available from the Theatre Royal box office. Everyone is welcome to attend either or both performances!