After months of planning Year 11 young chefs created five wonderful lunch events 

with  delicious food and great service with their pop-up restaurant ‘Eleven’ during February and March.  

The department was transformed into a restaurant to showcase the 63 seasonal two course  menus, individually prepared by each student.

The food technologists were highly effective, with ambitious planning, preparing, cooking and serving of their  menus to 130 guests. The VCERT Food Assessment was worth 25% of the final course grade. Our Year 11 food students worked so hard for their success, and it really was a wonderful experience for us all opening up the pop-up restaurant again and welcoming our school community into 'Eleven'. The exam board regard this as exemplary practice at national level. At Lavington, this has involved 63 Year 11 students, 130 guests, five days of assessment and pop-up lunches, 378 hours cooking 195 different recipes.  It has been a huge activity and great teamwork in the technology faculty with our superb students.

Our students were working and thinking hard throughout the assessment, and the pride they had when serving their final outcome to their guests was super. It has been a huge piece of work for them, with recipe trialling, costing, planning and researching menu choices, dietary planning, health and safety as well as looking at the wider implications of their food choices for social, environmental and economic consideration over the past term.

We were delighted to welcome staff, parents, grandparents and other extended family members of Year 11 students, family friends, neighbours and governors.  They were very sociable lunches and it was really lovely to be able to share this experience with our school community.

A team effort from everyone involved – thank you.  Congratulations Year 11 food technologists on  your   ‘pop-up‘ success. Lavington school students, staff, parents, family and governors have every reason to feel very proud of you all.