On Thursday 21 June more than 100 students, staff and governors joined the Art, Design and Technology Department for

a wonderful evening of celebration, achievement and success. This annual event showcases the coursework, portfolios and practical work submitted for GCSE, BTEC and VCERT courses by our creative Year 11 students across the seven subject areas in the department. 

An evening of celebration and success for our students with an opportunity to share in the pride and progress of our students with family, friends and teachers.  We were also particularly pleased to welcome back many of our keen supporters with the links we have established in the local community for KS4 trips, STEM, CAS, CAM and enrichment activities. 

Ten Art, Design & Technology Awards were presented to Year 11 students where they have made outstanding progress and a valuable contribution to the department during their two year course of study. With 166 students studying an Art or DT two year course at Lavington School 2018, this has proved to be a challenging decision for subject staff, and so all our nominees are worthy finalists.


Josie Gee (Winner)

Eleanor Sage

Naomi Raheem


Josie Gee Year 11 Art

It has been a real pleasure to observe how this student has developed in Fine Art over the last 2 years. She came with some lovely skills and ideas in year 10, but she didn’t always see these qualities in herself. As she progress through year 10 her confidence grow as she started to take more risks with her work and to realise that she did have the some great ideas and some really fantastic skills. For her mock piece she was really reluctant to work at A2, for her final exam she suggested working at A1!! She definitely won the peoples vote as her hamsters were a great hit with my lower school classes. A lovely diligent, hardworking, responsive and modest student , well done Josie



Sophie Sanders (Winner)

Jamie Sanders

Skye House

Sophie Sanders:

Sophie is a lovely, mature and intelligent young lady, who has an enquiring mind and would often initiate discussion on the provenance of food. I shall miss our chats. Sophie has been an absolute pleased to teach. She dedicated time and effort into her food course learning new skills along the way. I am sure she will go on to achieve great things. I wish her every success.

11C Food

Olivia Sadd (Winner)

Charlotte Thorn

Daniella Tomlinson

Olivia Sadd:

I have really enjoyed teaching and getting to know Olivia. During our years together she has grown into a confident, independent young lady, who, having overcome various obstacles in her life has the ambition to aim high. Olivia has had to work extremely hard to gain this qualification, she should be very proud of her achievement. I wish her every success and hope she continues with her career path into the food industry. 

11A Food

Ed Johnson (Winner)

Seren Church

Zara Hues

Sophie Garbutt

Ed Johnson:

Inquisitive, ambitious, diligent, hard working and an outstanding food technologist. This young man has seized every opportunity to upgrade, develop and improve to achieve perfection! The pop up Eleven menu was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed by his guests, with outstanding expertise and technical skill. Food product development is his real strength and I am thrilled that he has chosen to pursue the study of food into sixth form. A bright, delicious future is ahead. Congratulations Ed!

11C Food

Darcy Johnson (Winner)

Katie Strange

Millie Strange

Jocasta Wellard

Darcy Johnson:

A very conscientious, hard working student with a positive attitude to learning and prepared to pay attention to detail which has consistently helped her to achieve an excellent standard of work in all aspects of the GCSE Food course. Her practical work is technical, creative and innovative with many calculated risks taken to move a product from good into outstanding. This student is a brave learner,, always wanting to improve, taking the positives from any situation and coming back stronger and more determined, creating some inspirational work. We have all thoroughly enjoyed her humour and the ambitious products she has designed and I am sure we will be hearing more about her success in the future. Congratulations to Darcy Johnson

Graphics 11C

Jocasta Wellard (Winner)

Wednesday Gilbert

Lily Peace

Jocasta Wellard:

All the nominees produced some fantastic work for their GCSE course, showing huge creativity, talent and enthusiasm in all the work they did. However the winner stands out for her willingness to experiment and take risks in order to try and create artworks that were both innovative and eye-catching . From the very outset she was trying out techniques and processes that were challenging both to herself and to members of staff, but in doing so she engendered a really positive, creative atmosphere in the classroom not only for her peers but also her teachers . I am delighted to be able to present this year’s graphics award to Jocasta Wellard.

BTEC Construction Y11

Jamie Sandford (Winner)

Ryan Barton

Andreas Ehrnrooth

Jamie Sandford

This student stands out for always showing a willingness to engage in whatever task was set, and for always striving to produce work to the best of their ability. This could be seen across the broad range of projects we worked on, be it the care and attention he took in making his stool, the quality of his bricklaying, or the accuracy of his technical drawing. His natural ability and positive work ethic will no doubt take him far. I am therefore delighted to present this year’s BTEC Construction award to Jamie Sandford.


Ben Woodman (Winner)

Tom Seabourne

Guy Southerton

Ben Woodman:

This student has showed a real enthusiasm and dedication for the subject since year 7. Whilst at times he can be quite demanding, it is only because he has a passion and desire to try and make his designs and products to the highest standard possible. During the GCSE course, he has shown a great ability to work independently and experiment with materials and processes in order to realise his design ideas. In his final product he showed a meticulous attention to detail, re-cutting several pieces until they fitted perfectly and producing a final piece of exceptional quality. I am therefore delighted to be able to present this year’s Resistant Materials award to Ben Woodman.

Graphics 11A

Dylan Newing Moore (Winner)

Darcy Johnson

Ben Woodman

Dylan Newing Moore:

This student always had potential, at times at the beginning of year 10 it wasn’t always evident but by the middle of that year this student was on fire!! There was no stopping this one man factory of creativity.. each time I turned around he was creating a masterpiece! I will miss his quirky sense of humour and watching him design with intent! The graphic design award for Year 11 group A goes to Dylan Newing Moore

Graphics 11C

Molly Burrows

Tabby Oddy

Josh Wareham (Winner) 

This student started the graphics course with a little trepidation and not an enormous amount of confidence. As they realised their talents I saw them grow as a designer. They often needed reassurance but worked so hard in order to meet all of the criteria that they have climbed up the grade boundaries. After the moderator visited this year his work has been taken by AQA as exemplar material and I couldn’t be more proud. The Graphic designer award for group C goes to Josh Wareham.


To all the nominees and winners…We look forward to hearing about your future success and hope you all keep in touch with the department. You are our 2018 rising stars!

Thank you to parents and families for their support and encouragement with the provision of ingredients, materials and resources, plus taking an active part in the home school learning partnership. 

We enjoy generous support governors, and wider school community in the  Art and DT department at Lavington School.  We are fortunate to have many very strong links with local STEM, business and enterprise.

Thank you to all of the Art & DT department for their hard work and tremendous efforts in delivering an exciting, challenging KS3 and KS4 curriculum that offers great scope for creative design and make -  you have uncovered and nurtured the potential throughout the five year course of study, as you can see with the work on show. Thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication and creativity.

#Classof2018 A truly superb group of students.