On Wednesday 26 September several boys in Year 10 had their hair shaved off to show support for

a fellow Year 10 pupil, Archie, who has recently been diagnosed with Leukaemia.  

The boys collected donations throughout the week and we are delighted to have managed to raise over £1200 for Cure Leukaemia.

If you would still like to donate then please either send money directly to school, in an envelope marked for the attention of Mrs Dunn or Mr McKay or visit the following website to donate directly www.justgiving.com/fundraising/goarch.

The boys have done a tremendous job by raising awareness of Leukaemia throughout the school not to mention making such a brave gesture towards their friend, the whole school community is incredibly proud of them.

We have recently received this update from Archie's parents:

Delighted to report that we have just had the results of round one and Archie is in remission. The results showed no sign of cancer in the bone marrow.

This is the best possible result we could have hoped for and is a huge boost before starting the second round of chemotherapy tomorrow.

Archie will still need to have the additional three rounds of chemo to ensure the cancer does not return but they are shorter rounds of treatment each time.

Thank you everyone for all your amazing support, you have all played a huge part so far. Your love, support and energy flows directly to Archie every day.

Archie has taken a huge step to making a full recovery today…..Go Archie!!