The expedition season has started! The 43 participants have now chosen their expedition groups.

The names for teams are as fearless as  "The Noble Leaders" and as cautious as "No Connection". 

In April, all groups completed their second practice walk carrying a full kit, walking 16k in under four hours! They were all praised by their accompanying member of staff for their great team work and excellent behaviour. 

A big thank you to the staff who gave up their Sunday to accompany the seven groups - Mrs Best, Mrs Crocker, Mr and Mrs Dunn and little Lillie, Mrs Gutteridge, Mrs Markham, Mrs Tandy, Mr Underwood and Ms Wood and not forgetting our two new mascots - Mrs Markham's shy rescue greyhound, Zak and Mrs Tandy's adorable border collie, Skye.  

After receiving expert guidance from Mrs Woodman on how to plan their meals and cook on a gas stove, the groups demonstrated that they are capable of producing  a substantial meal as a team. One group even produced a complete Indian meal with curry, naan bread and rice. 

Training sessions start again after half-term and the groups will complete their first overnight practice expedition on 14 June.  

So, participants, keep walking and keep collecting evidence and assessor reports for your other sections on the eDofE log.

Here's an extraordinary thought to have on a walk - "clouds weight hundreds of tonnes!"