Annually Mrs Adams organises a challenge for the school community,

this gives students, parents and staff the opportunity to work together to try to achieve what most think is impossible.  This opportunity allows the community to help raise aspirations for our young people, create memories and develop skills which will make them a more resilient, confident and success person.

For the past 14 months students, parents and Mrs Adams have been training to swim The English Channel. The training consisted of swimming throughout the winter, as the sea temperature reached double figures we increased the duration and frequency of the swims. For example at the beginning of May we swam with Durley Sea swimmers and completed a triple dip (three swims of 40 mins+ in one morning) in 12 degrees!

On the Monday 8 July The Lavington School Chasers were told  their swim would be leaving Folkestone harbour at 1:45am on Tuesday morning on a spring tide.  The team consisting of four Parents, three students (including Charlie, who is the youngest registered child to swim the channel this year) and Mrs Adams boarding the boat with a nervous atmosphere.  They set off from Samphire Hoe at 2:30am in the dark, so the swimmer worn lights so they could be seen in the water. The team worked together and hit French waters ahead of schedule, the flood tide and wind picked up but the team battled on and successfully landed on Cap Gris-Nez in 16 hours and 13 minutes.

After a number of frustrating days waiting due to the weather, The Lavington School Challengers got to start swimming on Friday 12 July.  The junior relay team consisting of 13 and 14 year old students set off at 4am on a neap tide. The team worked hard on the boat looking after one another and supporting each other along the way. They made it over half way to France and unfortunately the swim was aborted due to ill health. The team worked incredibly hard and have grown so much as individuals during the challenge.

With the weather holding and perfect conditions ahead The Lavington School Chargers set off from Folkestone at  5am on Saturday 13 July, this was a junior relay team consisting of 14 and 15 year olds. The team made a cracking start, with the cloud and calm conditions the jellyfish mostly stayed away.  They hit French waters and the swim became incredibly tough, the flood tide hit the students hard but they fought back  and after a few hours they managed to get into slightly calmer water.  The end was near and then the jellyfish came out in force to welcome us to France.  The team swam hard and landed after 13 hours and 8 minutes, even with Jellyfish stings the students were elated with what they had achieved, the first Junior team of the year to swim the Channel is no mean feat.

To put into prospective what these students have achieved; more people climb Mount Everest in a year than have ever swam the English Channel.

The swimmers and support crews have managed to raise a huge amount of money for Cure Leukaemia to show support for fellow student Archie Stradling, it is time for the swimmers to have a long rest over the Summer Holidays.

If you would like to support the swimmers and donate to Cure Leukaemia, please follow the link: